The Happy Sober Podcast (The Stop Drinking Expert)

Spotting The Warning Signs That You Should Quit Drinking

January 26, 2022 Craig Beck Season 1 Episode 56
The Happy Sober Podcast (The Stop Drinking Expert)
Spotting The Warning Signs That You Should Quit Drinking
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Is it time to quit drinking?

Have you ever met somebody who never appeared to be to be entirely sober?

They can have a general fog of depression about them, could have health issues that feature drinking as the root cause of the concern, and are basically just not doing so good.

Let's be honest

The majority of the folks who are like this are addicted to booze.

The majority of people you meet have the power to consume alcohol in moderation, which's fine. Alcoholic beverages are intended to be appreciated in moderation.

Not everyone who drinks alcohol will develop a problem. But everyone who drinks alcohol opens themselves up to one.

For a few of us, we understand that drinking alcohol on a daily basis or excessive drinking on a weekly basis means something is not quite right in our lives.

Clear signs and red flags

The trouble is that drinking alcohol has this manner of being tricky when it concerns spotting approaching dependency.

One moment, you're merely imbibing in a cheeky glass of wine on a regular basis to chill out after a hard day at work. Next, you are looking for ways to defend against friends who are telling you that you should quit drinking alcohol.

Then, you start getting grumpy when you do not consume alcohol. You start feeling awful, even when drunk. You're hooked, and it's taking a toll.

This is the reason that you must always keep an eye out for indicators you should quit drinking alcohol. If you overlook them, or worse, cannot take notice of the forewarnings they offer, then it's likely that you may wind up getting addicted and ending up in a world of agony.

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